Does running out of f**cks count as cardio?

triathalon 8 weeks (1)

Found by one of the Trisistas (original origin tbd, as soon as I know, I will update), this is the training plan we are following in preparation for the Hever Castle Sprint Triathlon which is now in 5 weeks time. (bold and underline = growing fear)

With 5 weeks to go, we decided to start at Week 3 and the results after 1 week is that it’s been less of a plan, more of a advisory guideline….

I managed a Strength session on Monday (Bodypump), then a 1 hour Bike on Tues, a 45 Run/45 Bike on Weds and a 40 minute Swim on Thurs. Definitely resting today then Swim/Run tomorrow morning.  So when I say guideline, really we are ignoring it completely but using it as motivation (read fear) to actually get off our arses and do something every day.

It’s Friday though and I am absolutely shattered, maybe looking at the numbers above, I’ve started off too hard, or I need to build up some more stamina or that doing this around 2 small shouty children is extra hard? *written hopefully*

The best news I have to report is that on the Saturday preceeding the start of the “plan” we swam the lake of the freak-out and I’m pleased to report no repeat occurence. I’ve open watered (a verb no-one is using but really should) a couple of times since the freak-out with varying degrees of trepidation and success. The key thing I’ve realised is getting my face in the water early. There is something about swimming in not-bright-blue-swimming-pool water that mentally causes my brain to shut down and decide it just can’t breathe out under there. So the trick I’ve learnt is to just get my face in early and breathe big long blowy breaths out before even attempting some proper swimming. Annoyingly this was the advice we were given way back at our first open water swim. I guess I’m a slow learner.



Blah Blah Blah Go Workout

Life is busy.
When I found myself doing a mini boot camp (thank you to Pure Circuits for your motivational Facebook post this morning) in my bedroom in my pyjamas (plus sports bra) while the toddler terrorists watched Cbeebies, I got thinking about all the things I have done in order to shoehorn some kind of fitness into my life.
I refuse to believe these celebrities who claim “just running around after their kids” helped the baby weight “just fall off”, in my experience childcaring is exhausting but only in a mental sleep deprived way not in the helping me tone up and work off that last hobnob kind of way.
And it’s just as hard if not harder if you work. I had a friend who used to do 20 squats in the toilets in her office every time she went for a wee because she was so terrified about how little she moved during the day! Others eat their lunch at 11.30, then race to a gym to workout for 45 mins, shower and get back to their desk within their lunch hour (albeit slightly pinker/more glowy in the face department).
This merited a bullet point list (and underlining)
Things i have done to fit fitness in my life:
  • Got up pre-dawn to run or swim before the mini-krackens awake and get back in time for the husband to escape to work
  • Changed into running gear during teatime so the minute husband walks in I can run out of the door to run or ride
  • Gone to bootcamps that welcome children (all well until kracken 2 will not accept being strapped into a pushchair with a biscuit any more and morphs overnight into one of those “looks at you and runs away” type of children)
  • Done a mini boot camp at home/in the garden with children (see photo of 3 year old attempting plank below).
  • Gone to a playground with a big park attached with a similar minded friend and taken turns running laps/ pushing swings.
  • Bribed my mother to babysit (i.e. not telling her until she shows up then just “popping out” for a quick run)
  • Paid babysitters, nieces and next door neighbours – not for alone time with my husband or a pampering session but to get out the door and get a lovely long not rushed exercise session.
  • Driven krackens to preschool/childminder, then left my car there and run 2 miles home,  then reversing at pick up (ok in the spirit of full disclosure, I so wish this was true, I really want to do it and I keep meaning to do it but have not yet managed it)
  • Exercised during work hours, luckily being self employed and with my business partner being a fellow Trisista, this is a regular occurence (except when it is raining – she doesn’t like the rain)
  • Taken considerable advantage of an understanding and amenable husband who doesn’t seem to mind me disappearing at the crack of dawn on weekend mornings to ride or swim
  • Exercised smarter, so interval training, hill training, speed training are the order of the day rather than endurance/long runs.
  • Anyone tried a running buggy? I always wanted to – there is a great lady on insta @runningbuggies who makes it look amazing.
All worth it.
I feel better when I’ve exercised.
I am a more tolerant, patient and strangely more energetic mum when I have done some exercise.
Plus my children (the krackens) are growing up with exercise as part of their lives and hopefully won’t grow up to be large sloths who barely move.
Can’t be bad can it?
PS Water Bottle available from here.