Try Tri – First Triathlon


We did our first Triathlon. We are officially Triathletes!

It was a baking hot Sunday a few weeks ago. We picked the novice baby distances – a Super Sprint- 200m swim, 10k bike ride, 2.5k run.

The venue was a local school with its own indoor swimming pool, then the ride was out and about on local lanes and then a 2.5km route around the school grounds. The fear was very real that morning, packing and repacking my stuff.

I want to describe exactly what happened and how it was set up because the night before I was Googling and Pinteresting trying to find info on how it was all going to work so I could stop worrying about it and I wish I could have found something like this to calm my nerves, or make it worse? Who knows….

We arrived, faffed about a bit and jigged on the spot and chatted. Then ambled off to get changed into our Tri suits and ambled back. All of which meant we left it very late to get set up in Transition so it was a bit of a stress getting a space. There was a steward helping people out but eventually we had to just shift some people’s stuff over from earlier waves so we could get a spot. Let alone worry about Transition area location strategy. Remember for next time: don’t hang about, get set up early.

Then a briefing by the organisers, we were assigned a specific time/wave to start in – because of the pool swim they were restricted to numbers in each wave so no mass start – but this meant the briefings were very personal and you could ask questions which was great. Everyone was very friendly, there were lots of newbies there and we didn’t feel intimidated at all.

Then over to the Swimming Pool to be briefed again and given our timing ankle bands (which you wear for the whole event). We had managed to book in as a Team so there were just the 3 of us in our lane. Any fear about my swimming capability was allayed after watching the wave before us, there were people of all levels of swimming, some even breaststroking. We had decided to wait for each other so we would transition together, my sisters only had to wait for a length and a half for me to catch them up (Go me) and we jogged to Transition together.

I’d researched layout of kit in Transition obsessively but on the day (and for my level of competition) you just need to lay your stuff out logically and neatly. A small towel to dry your feet with and stand on when you are putting your shoes on was my win of the day.

Jogging along with your bike (the iconic mental image of transition) is actually a bit hard, you have to kind of trot – Christie was so worried about it before the event, she was practising (check out our Instagram page for video here). It was a nice ride, a couple of big hills but nothing too bad. The Tri-suit dried out really fast too. Then back into Transition, shed the bike and the helmet, change shoes and put on a cap (my secondary win of the day, not having to faff about with a hair band) to run the 2.5k. Legs felt a bit heavy by this point and the whole body a little bit jelly at first but soon eased into it. Our family supporters were all there hollering and cheering for the last ½k and I ended up running across the line carrying my youngest so it wasn’t exactly a sprint finish!

It was an amazing feeling though and the adrenaline high lasted for a good couple of hours. Then a crash later on in the day and an extended lie down with demands for things to be brought to me was required.

We’ve already signed up for another one, a Sprint (double the distances) and this one has an outdoor swim so wet suits and a mass swim start. Bring it on.



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