The first rule of Running club is…..

……don’t be an eejit at Running club.

I’ve been so busy with my swimming in the past year that I’ve only had time for maintenance runs with the Tri-sistas and not really had any focus on running….but I’ve always had in my mind my target to break 50 mins for a 10k.   I’ve come close in the past with 52:00 being my PB but shaving off that 20 seconds per kilometre has eluded me.

Now lovely husband has been trotting off with his friend every Monday night to the local running club for nearly a year and he has just got faster and faster and more and more lean.  Last month I decided it was time to get back into it, and having booked the delightful girl next door to mind the Tri-mini’s team while we went out with some trepidation I went along to join him.

It is a lovely, friendly and informal group, not affiliated and free for anyone to come along at any level.  They explained that there is normally a group who splinter off at about 3 miles and then another core group who run 6 miles.

When I arrived at my first session, one very nice lady kindly explained that it didn’t matter how slow I was I wouldn’t be left behind (she may or may not have looked me up and down assessing my non-runners slightly paunchy build).  It was a very kind thing to say but these kind words unfortunately triggered all my proud competitive instincts and I was FIRED up.  When the team set off I went off like a bat out of hell.  I ran faster than I ever had before in any race at any time and even led the faster core group for a few very short moments.  I thought I was going to DIE the whole time, but kept a super happy running face on and was chatting and laughing.  It was like being in a race but actually racing people rather than trying to beat my own time.

For a week after each session, my legs ached a lot, like a deep core bone ache.  But I was so pleased with myself, I could smell that sub 50 minutes coming just round the corner.

Well yes, anyone who has ever had a running injury before or who has even the smallest amount of common sense can guess what happened next…the deep core bone ache post-running is not a good thing. Of course it’s not.  I started waking up in the morning and having to limp down the stairs because one ankle wouldn’t bend and the same calf and foot ached all the time with a nasty stingy hurt.

Eventually I could no longer run at all.

Lots of googling has pointed towards it being Achilles tendonitis, hopefully only mild but lots of evidence to say if it starts that I should take it seriously and stay away from the pavements for a few weeks.

So the sub-50 will still elude me for a few more months.   When I can start running again, I’m definitely going to be more sensible and patient.  Maybe even follow a proper training plan rather than just going out there and running hell for leather…..?


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