First ever Swycle session this weekend (and yes Swycle is a word, I googled it, in Triathlon circles anyway). Basically we swam and then went for a bike ride i.e. the first two legs (phases?) of a triathlon.

It’s also called Brick training – where you combine two of the triathlon skills to get your muscles/body/brain to practice the horror/shock of doing something hard right after you have done something hard and then go on to do something else hard after that. Triathlon sounds just great when you write it down like that hey?

There were some hiccups, one sister went to a completely different pool so missed the swim leg. Lets call it a gin related WhatsApp miscommunication or misunderstanding, all parties taking responsibility and apologising profusely while equally all parties feeling just a little bit guilty/ and slightly annoyed. Anyhow we put it behind us and only two of us swam.

On a side note, my swimming is getting better every session, I swam a drill session, working on my breathing to try and stop hyperventilating every time I get tired and also started breathing out through my mouth rather than my nose. Is that obvious and what everybody else does already? It made things much easier. Sessions go so much faster with variation, we had written swim training sessions with us and floats and the 45 minutes flew by.

Then straight out of the pool and into cycling kit. This was quite hard and a little bit terrifying. Damp bodies trying to wrestle on lycra, wet hair into helmets. It puts the whole transition thing we are going to have to deal with into perspective. This particular transition took 45 minutes, what with dealing with lockers, extracting bikes from cars, pumping up tyres and a little bit of chatting and apologising (see above). But we eventually got going with a 10km bike ride. And you soon dry off. So that’s encouraging.

Basic bike maintenance is definitely moving higher up the priority ladder. And an Open Water swim session is on the horizon. Stick with us.

2017-04-22 07.49.40.jpg


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