Veni, Natavi, Vici – Swimathon 2017

4 months ago I couldn’t swim a length of front crawl. 2 weeks into adult swimming lessons and I could manage 2 lengths and then my capability seems to have exponentially increased every week. Swimming has become just a little bit addictive, I just want to get back in the pool to concentrate on different bits of my stroke and breathing and speed. But in all my sessions so far I’ve never swum continuously up and down for longer than 2 lengths, I’ve always stopped and had a drink, a breather, possibly (probably) a chat. This as it turns out, was an oversight.

The target for this first part of the year was Swimathon 2017, a 5k distance which depending on my progress, my sisters and I were going to split equally or some other proportion between us as a team.

We ended up with my stints being 10 lengths at a time. I’ll be honest my preparation wasn’t the greatest, I did a boot camp the morning of, then didn’t make good choices in the hours before regarding pre-exercise fuelling (I’m writing a really interesting research blog about eating and exercise – watch this space – but this was an example of what NOT to eat before you swim) so when I finally got in for my turn it was with a slightly heavy non-dolphin like air. 10 lengths in one go is hard. I don’t think I ever realised how hard swimming is when you do it as an endurance sport. Writing this down in actual words makes me want to face palm about what a numpty I am, of course it’s hard…..

My sisters, aka mermaids, swam their 20 lengths barely breaking sweat, and I made it through my 4 lots of 10 lengths, but it hurt, interestingly though each set got slightly easier and we finished in style with some sprint lengths, last team in the pool, just us and the wonderful volunteers who organised and the lap counters (slightly wearily) applauding us in.

Next target, keep working on technique to increase the efficiency of my swimming (I might be swimming but it’s not very pretty if you know what I mean) and build up swimming endurance. I’m going to do some swimming interval training, just like I would if I wanted to increase my running speed and distance. I’ve found some Speedo Swim Training workouts that I’m going to try – an 8 week plan, check it out here:

They seem a bit complicated so I have tasked one of my sisters with coming up with some simpler ones that you can pick and mix from. Watch this space.

Also Open Water Swimming……soon anyway……when it’s a bit warmer [coughs nervously, sidles into next room].


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