Kit for the Curvaceous – Part 1, Tops

Because it’s not just the skinny who want to exercise….


Before I had children I used to go the gym (fairly) regularly. Sure there were periods where I didn’t and I embraced the pizza and red wine a little bit too readily but even so I was (fairly) young and could mostly get away with it. One thing I didn’t worry about was what to wear when I went, I just threw on a pair of leggings and a vest top and my go-to sports bra of the time (I did worry about my bra actually, I can’t afford not to but more on that in a later post).

Since 2 children and the associated period of rapid weight gain, a bit of weight loss, a bit more weight gain (I never understood how some people can get through pregnancy without eating an occasional (daily) custard slice – and there’s my problem in a nut shell) , I’ve got more wobbly bits than I used to. My triathlon training is helping and the diet but some of those bits I believe are here to stay. I know I’m meant to be proud of these wobbly bits and not care what anyone thinks of me when I’m running or boot camping or cycling but I’m not ashamed to admit that I am vain and I do care. I am immensely proud of what caused those wobbly bits (i.e. the children part, not the associated custard slice inhalation part) but I am sure I am not alone in feeling self-conscious and wanting my outfit to at least flatter my good bits and to help in concealing my less good bits (my husband has just commented that all my bits are good bits (bless him).

We may all have different good and bad bits, you might be lucky and/or be more confident than me and have all good bits but my particular areas of concern are my bottom and my tummy.  I want a top that doesn’t leave my bottom too exposed and I want it to flatter/not cling/drape over my (hard-earned) mum tummy. And considering that running, working out, gym-ing is or should be the first stop in a weight loss healthy eating life transformation I am frankly staggered that there is not more choice out there for the not-yet-so-perfect of figure. Nike have only recently introduced a plus size selection – Nike!! – Bonkers.

After considerable research, a Pinterest board and quite a lot of grumbling, I present to you my top 5 “Kit for the Curvaceous” Running/Gym tops. Going in order of Price, High to Low.

Sweaty Betty, Lateral run vest, £65 and Seamless Double Time Workout Tank £60

Two entries from SB, both long line and slightly flowy/flattering. The double time tank my especial favourite, layers work for me and help to break up the tummy/hip area which I find can be flattering and confidence inspiring.

Nike Breathe, women’s training tank, £35


Best bits: the back! Plus it’s basically a loose t-shirt but the cut-outs and netting details make it look more than that

New Balance perfect tank, £24.00


Best bits: Ruching at the sides gives a looser fit across your tummy and a low dip hem at the back

Domyos energy long fitness tank top, £5.99

Best bits: long loose cut, flowing lightweight fabric, lots of different patterns, the price!

Check out my Pinterest board if you want to see the long list (find it here: Kit for the Curvaceous). Plus I’d love to hear your recommendations, I’m sure there are loads more.

Next stop in the “Kit for the Curvaceous” Journey is Leggings and Cycling kit, watch this space (and send me ideas, I am Pinterest-ing the sh*t out of it currently and need help!).


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