Move Your Asana

Guest post from our Tri-sista-in law, Michelle about taking up Yoga.


I was about to embark on my new fitness regime after months of absence and Yoga seemed to crop up everywhere as the accompaniment to any workout; for achieving the most from your body and ultimately reaching your goals. My goal was just to get fitter but I could not deny the fact that increased flexibility could only help and maybe this could be the way to break me in gently. Flexibility has never been my strong point and as my Mum says; I am about as bendy as an ironing board…..

After hours of googling my local classes I was spoilt for choice. But it was terrifying. The thought of bringing my very unbendy body along to a class likely to be full of people able to achieve all sorts of weird positions was a real put off. Yes, they all say beginners welcome – but I really was a complete beginner who could not even touch my toes (or get anywhere near them).

Eventually I received an email reply from a local class stating that they had availability in a complete beginner’s class the next day at 0900.  I immediately accepted – that was it, I was committed and booked in. I dug out some leggings and a loose top and most importantly touched up my nail polish….

I walked in to the room – late as usual – and very flustered.  The room was light and airy with a warm wooden floor and gentle music playing. Four Yoga mats were meticulously laid out with all the associated equipment placed next to them with precision. I looked across to the front and saw the instructor, a lady, sat crossed legged on her mat and immediately noted her suitably amazing posture. I walked across to introduce myself and was immediately dismissed back to the door to remove my shoes.  Is this something you are meant to know??  Did I miss a sign??

I shamefully re-entered for the second time and chose a mat and joined in with the crossed legged seating position as we waited for the rest of the group to arrive – who much to my relief also walked in with shoes on……

During the 60 minute session, it honestly felt like we just lay around on mats, adopted a few easy poses and mostly took lots of deep breaths to uplifting softly spoken words by the instructor. It was very relaxing and my body felt at least 2 inches longer at the end. I certainly felt it was beneficial but I did not feel it had any real impact towards my fitness goals – It didn’t feel like a work out – would I return?  I was not sure.

The next morning my alarm went off and I leap out of bed – well at least my mind thought I had – my body remained.  I could not move without squealing over my aches and pains.  Crikey – it had done something, I was amazed.  How could lying down and breathing manage to work out so many muscle groups….? Safe to say I felt like I had done a 2 hour long circuit class but I actually hadn’t even broken into a sweat.

I am now hooked and extremely intrigued.  If you have never tried Yoga, give it a go – be as amazed as I am!!!!



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