Tri Sistas

It all started one night in a Gin bar in Winchester….

Three sisters, putting the world to rights over various random brands of Gin and even more random Tonics. Conversation veered towards the celebration of our respective 40th and 50th birthdays – a barn dance? a holiday in the caribbean?

Somehow, somehow….in the fog of Gin, we decided that such things are boring and mundane, we will DO SOMETHING EPIC! Something so far out of our comfort zones and current skill sets that these age milestones will quiver and recede in its EPIC-ness.

And we decided to start training for a Triathlon. To be undertaken in on or around our milestone birthdays.

One sister is a master swimmer, another a journeyman swimmer, the last can just about do a length of front crawl without drowning.

One sister owns a bike, although probably not the right kind of bike (to be determined). The other two do not.

Two sisters run, although one much slower than the other. The third sister used to run but had to put a pin in it while a pin was put in her hip (not quite the exact medical diagnosis but the pin analogy works better, excuse the artistic licence).

And we all drink too much.

We have some challenges ahead.